A few years ago, after a period of great uncertainty and fear in my life, I began to write a story.

Slowly, a catalogue of songs began to emerge and after a while a narrative began to take shape.

It’s a scary thing when the ground underneath you shifts. You begin to question the choices you’ve made and all that you hold dear. You find yourself needing to make changes; ones from which you can’t turn back; ones that you hope will ultimately lead to better things but are incredibly hard to make.

The journey itself was a difficult one but the songs I wrote during that time proved to be cathartic.

After a while, I began to notice the universality of this struggle as it’s something that I think we all go through at different times in our lives. Our own personal journey across the Rubicon, if you will.

I began to think that maybe I should do something more with these songs than gently strum them in the background of the next bonfire or barbecue.

Now, recording an album has always been a dream of mine but since my day job hardly allowed much time to form a band, jam, tighten, tour and potentially get noticed by anyone, I decided to forego all of that and go it alone.

I set about constructing a makeshift studio in my basement so I could begin refining these ideas of mine with whatever free time I had.

I decided there would be no rules; that I would do whatever I wanted with this project and moved forward with no expectations. Being a multi-instrumentalist allowed me the freedom to do this and being solo also made it easier to tinker endlessly with sounds and move at my own pace.

As time went on though, I felt I had something unique and the need to share these songs grew.

Since I had little to no recording experience whatsoever, this process proved to take far longer than I had ever imagined. Along the way though, I was lucky enough to have some good friends of mine lend me their time and talents to fill in the spaces that I could not.

It was at times incredibly frustrating to be sure. However, it is easily one of the most profound and worthwhile experiences of my life.

Growing up, my favourite albums were always the ones you listened to in your car or on a set of headphones. The ones that had layers, were a totally immersive experience and told a story.

That’s what I’ve tried to do here.

My hopes are that maybe some of you reading this will listen to my work and will appreciate not just the songs taken at face value but the message behind them and the story I’ve tried to tell.

And also that it may in some way help you as it’s helped me.

In the end, isn’t that the hope of every musician?

– JA


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Chapter 1: The Last Page

Chapter 2: Eyes Skyward

Chapter 3: Chasing Light

Chapter 4: Sundown

Chapter 5: The Traveller

Chapter 6: Unto the Breach

Chapter 7: Dear Enemy

Chapter 8: Shields

Chapter 9: Polaris

Chapter 10: Through It All

Chapter 11: Past Lives, Future Self

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SkywardEye is a one-man music project by James Alexander based near Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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